Monday, February 14, 2011


Let us entertain your guests by providing an
exciting floor show based on one or more of the
following decades:

1920s - Charleston and Ballroom dances
are all the rage during the Roaring
Twenties! Ladies wear flapper dresses and
Gentlemen perform in tux and tails.

1930s/1940s - The big band era provides a
background for swingin' tunes and happy
feet! Dancers may be outfitted in vintage
suits, dresses, or in period military
uniforms for USO-themed events.

1950s - It's time to rock'n'roll with your
very own sock hop featuring poodle skirts,
ponytails and pompadours! We can even
arrange a hula hoop or bubblegum-blowing
contest for added fun!

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